Chickito Records will go from strength to strength. 
Chickito Records is doing a lot.  It's more than your one stop record label.  Chickito's work can be found at many well known and popular camps. Listen to some at a local station near you. 

Chickito is simply a distributive label.  Bringing a new channel to the word B2B record labelling.  Our Artists are well profiled and keep 100% of their copyrights, and are well sourced, as we have a very high selection and acceptance selection procedures.  Chickito's artists are often the best in the field.  We work with no less because we know how it can be today in the music industry.


There are no upcoming Chickito events this week.  Stay tuned to be updated of live Chickito events. For Artist event's please go to the relevant artist's site.


Chickito does not accept any submissions, however we will source out an artist we feel can be beneficial when we need them.


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