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Chickito Records have gone from strength to strength lately.  Chickito has on its roster, one of the best artists of all time.  Chinie, one of the most creative talents yet to meet, has come far.  You can check out Chinie at her website at www.chinie.com 

Chickito are doing a lot.  We are more than your one stop record label.  Work can be found at many well known popular camps.  Tune in to our distributed music at a local station near you. 

Chickito Records is a mainy distributive label also bringing a new chanel to the B2B record labelling experience.  We have the best artist there is and their expertise, is second to none.  Our Artists are very well prfiled and outstanding in their field. Chickito does not keep the copyrights as the artists owns 100% of their copyrights therefore upping that B2B new chanelling record label experience. Our artists are very well sourced, as we have a very high selection and acceptance .  We therefore seek only to work with the best artists. We work with no less, because we know how it can be in the music industry.

There are no upcoming Chickito events for this month, but look out for an artist event soon by going to the artist's  relevant site. 
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